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NFL players fund Texas youth football team created after national anthem protest

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Devin McCourty, Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins and Torrey Smith donate $20,000 to Texas football pro...

Winners and losers of the NBA draft

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Teams mostly did pretty well, while very few completely owned the night.[URL="https://www.gannett-cd...

Derek Carr Surpasses Andrew Luck As NFL?s Highest-Paid Player

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Intro: The Indianapolis Colts last offseason signed quarterback Andrew Luck to the most lucrative co...

2017 Undrafted Free Agents To Watch For The Colts?

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Intro: The Colts are definitely expected to have at least one 2017 undrafted free agent make their 5...

Dave Tippett out as head coach of Arizona Coyotes

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Tippett and the team mutually agreed to part ways, ending his eight-year tenure as head coach.[URL="...

Derek Carr got his record deal, but these NFL quarterbacks could soon overtake him

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The Raiders quarterback is now a very rich man, but his reign as the NFL's top-paid player may not l...

Lonzo Ball not the Lakers savior, but he's a good start

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By taking Lonzo Ball at No. 2, the Los Angeles Lakers may be beginning to finally turn things around...

NBA draft: Top five goes all freshmen for first time in history

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For the first time in NBA draft history, the top five picks all went to freshmen.[URL="https://www.g...

Salary Cap Update - 08 March 2017

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$167.000m = NFL 2017 Salary Cap
  $006.614m = 2016 Unused 2016 Colts Cap
  $173.614m = 2017 Colts Salary Cap
  $114.292m = Current Top 51 Player Cap Hits
  $001.080m = Adding players #52 and #53 to Player Cap Hits
  $006.224m = Estimated 2017 Colts Draft Pool Cap Hits
  $001.376m = Dead Money
  $001.224m = Practice Squad ($7,200 per week x 10 players x 17 weeks)
  $124.196m = Current Cap Obligations
  $49.418m Free Cap Space
  Need to take away about $3.000m for in-season "churn" space for when a player goes on IR and a player from the practice squad is "brought up" to the active roster.
  We don't yet know the structure of Jack Doyle's new contract. If we assume that it is pretty straight line, then subtract $6.333m in available cap space.
  [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="5"]$40.085m[/SIZE][/COLOR] in Free Cap Space to sign new free agents.
  Go get em, Ballard!
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