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Everything you need to know about the Colts betting odds after the Julio Jones trade

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Everything you need to know about the Colts betting odds after the Julio Jones trade[URL="http://rss...

'I'm gonna die before I let that guy walk out': Chuck Pagano speaks on the dispute in

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Former Colts coach Chuck Pagano speaks to Pat McAfee on the dispute between the Packers and Aaron Ro...

Kwity Paye working hard in Indianapolis to make sure his inspiring journey is just ge

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The former standout Michigan defensive lineman talks about his motivation heading into his first NFL...

'There's no doubt we feel better about it': All signs pointing up for Carson Wentz in

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All signs pointing up for Wentz in Indy during the dog days of offseason. 'I believe very strongly i...

Insider: Colts think Khari Willis, Julian Blackmon might be a special safety tandem

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With back-to-back mid-round picks, the Colts might have set themselves up with a perfect complementa...

Of course Carson Wentz is Colts' top-paid player: Here's how their salary cap breaks

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By today's standards, quarterback Carson Wentz's contract is team friendly, consuming less than 11% ...

Colts 2021 training camp roster

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The Indianapolis Colts are scheduled to gather for training camp in late July. Here are the players ...

Colts OC: Second-year QB Jacob Eason has taken "the next step"

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No one in the organization knows Jacob Eason like Marcus Brady, and the Colts OC believes Eason has ...

Salary Cap Update - 08 March 2017

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$167.000m = NFL 2017 Salary Cap
  $006.614m = 2016 Unused 2016 Colts Cap
  $173.614m = 2017 Colts Salary Cap
  $114.292m = Current Top 51 Player Cap Hits
  $001.080m = Adding players #52 and #53 to Player Cap Hits
  $006.224m = Estimated 2017 Colts Draft Pool Cap Hits
  $001.376m = Dead Money
  $001.224m = Practice Squad ($7,200 per week x 10 players x 17 weeks)
  $124.196m = Current Cap Obligations
  $49.418m Free Cap Space
  Need to take away about $3.000m for in-season "churn" space for when a player goes on IR and a player from the practice squad is "brought up" to the active roster.
  We don't yet know the structure of Jack Doyle's new contract. If we assume that it is pretty straight line, then subtract $6.333m in available cap space.
  [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="5"]$40.085m[/SIZE][/COLOR] in Free Cap Space to sign new free agents.
  Go get em, Ballard!
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