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Old 11-22-2019, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by ChoppedWood View Post
TY came out and put the tag on his own ass for last night- applaud that shit- that's the accountability that makes a guy stand out!

There's a ton of criticism on JB for not being able to push the ball down the field, and I think there is legitimacy to it, and I am ebbing more toward this being a critical downfall that he may never be able to overcome.

However, he did throw a couple solid passes in key moments that TY did not catch, and those were passes we had to have.

If I'm Reich / Siriani, I sit down with JB this week and go through a ton of film and I highlight any and all opportunities that were there (Aikmen seemed to see a bunch of them so I am interested in hearing the all 22 review of this one on here). JB has to be told in blunt terms- the gloves have to come off, over the next 5 games the expectation is he throws the damn ball and takes the chances, that his future with this team is incumbent upon him being able to demonstrate a willingness to throw challenged balls and that if he DOES NOT do that, he will be replaced. That said, then the staff, and in turn the fans, have to accept there will be some TO's- you will not win every one of those battles- but you HAVE to TRY to win some of them!
IIRC didn't Brissett throw a couple nice deep shots last week against the Jags. Neither were complete and one got PI I believe, at least one was to Pascal. He can throw the deep ball but seems to have a block against doing it. Maybe it's that "overrated" ball security term he kind of gets praise for.
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