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Old 09-24-2017, 05:54 PM
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Default quick thoughts on this epic battle between afc super bowl contenders

1) i was wrong. i hated the trade for brissett. the dude can play. he is a very good backup and that is needed for this team.

2) mewhort does not get resigned. not unless he takes a very under market contract. he just isn't that good.

3) moncrief should not be paid either. like gbb has said, the dude is invisible between the 20's. we need a more competent 2

4) pagano is by far the worst coach i have ever seen. he is a worse jeff fisher. he will coach to lose every single week and never learn a thing.

5) pagano has zero idea who should play. tj green went from starting cb (for no reason because that shit wasnt earned) to bottom of the roster scrub that doesn't ever see the field. pagano has no idea how to evaluate talent. he literally has no idea who plays good football.

6) announcers said they knew they would be bringing heat. they had no idea what to do about it to start.

7) penalties. constant fucking penalties. another sign of a terribly coached team.

8) multiple offensive coordinators and multiple players. this team constantly throws away 2nd downs. no creativity. been the same for years. i think we all know where the blame goes

9) so we let butler (who has spent his career covering guys) play deep safety and man up hooker on the te? beat for 20 yards. good call guys.

10) our ilbers are fucking terrible.

11) credit ballard for quickly putting a defense together that can do something well. and that is run d. granted i would rather be great against the pass but doing one thing well on d is progress and i will happily take it.

12) brissett throws a pretty ball. he dropped a few dimes out there. i really like the kid. and that spin move for a td was just sweet. i love having a qb that has some running skills.

13) prevent defense and running the clock for a full half is not a great coaching strategy, chuck.

14) getting davis and wilson back to this secondary will do wonders. not to mention kelly and luck. will be a much better team

15) simon was good once again. dude doesn't quit. sheard has been improving but i don't think he has the ability to be much better. would like to see him replaced sooner than later.

16) we should have blown the browns out. easily should have put up 40 points or so. but we got paganoed.

17) my brother made this point but it is good that we got the calls for opi. they were legit but we refs let that slide a lot.

18) pretty much any other team beats us. there is no lead that is safe from pagano. don't mean to harp on it but he is the worst coach in the history of the nfl.

19) good to see ty balling. you can tell he took the criticism to heart because he was looking for extra yards all day. got to love his effort. needs to rub off on moncrief who seems like he is pouting a lot.

20) more to come. all my thoughts right now just keep going back to how terrible pagano is and that makes for a boring thread. we all know it. or most of us do.
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