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Old 03-12-2019, 10:29 AM
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Default Colts Cap Situation – Just before 2019 Free Agency Edition

$188.200m = 2019 NFL Salary Cap
$049.100m = 2018 Colts Roll-Over
$237.300m = 2019 Colts Salary Cap

$142.580m = Top 51 contracts obligations (includes Boehm, Farley and Rogers RFA tag amounts)
$001.125m = Dead Money
$008.025m = Projected Draft Pool
$001.400m = Spots 52 / 53 on in-season roster
$001.400m = 10-man Practice Squad
$003.000m = Expected in-season “churn” space
$157.530m = 2019 Colts Obligations

$079.770m = Can be used to sign free agents

NOTE: That number is lower than most have reported because earlier numbers DID NOT INCLUDE the $9m we just allocated with the RFA tags on Boehm, Farley and Rogers. Around $90m is where I have been saying that the Colts could spend on free agents, both their own and from other teams.

Devin Funchess will be paid $10m with possible incentives up to $13m. If the incentives are “Likely to be Earned,” then his cap hit will be calculated as $13m. If the incentives are “Unlikely to be Earned,” then only his $10m base will be counted and the other $3m will be adjusted at the end of the season once it is seen if he earned them or not.

Top Cap Savings if Cut (Over $1m saved):

$14.725m – QB Andrew Luck
$13.000m – WR T.Y. Hilton
$08.250m – LT Anthonly Castonzo
$08.000m – DE Jabaal Sheard
$07.000m – TE Eric Ebron
$05.338m – TE Jack Doyle
$04.875m – DT Denico Aubry
$02.025m – OL Joe Haeg
$02.025m – QB Jacoby Brissett

(Note: Until they sign their RFA tags, Boehm, Farley and Rogers could have them rescinded and save $3.095m each towards the cap. Once signed by the player, they become fully guaranteed.)

Not much to cut from that list to gain more cap space. Sheard is probably the closest to “expensive player whom is not performing at his compensated level” but I don’t really think that is the case. He has done good work on an underpowered D-Line these last couple of seasons. I hope he gets some much better help in 2019.

So, the magic number is that we still have around $70m in 2019 cap we can spend on free agents; our own or other teams.

My two cents on free agency; now that we have helped build depth on the interior of the offensive line (Boehm) and signed a projected WR2 (Funchess), I am all set for the rest of our free agency talent acquisition to be all defense, all day. My hope is a starting caliber Safety, a starting caliber CB and a DE for rotation.

We sign those three additional guys in free agency, then I think the entire draft goes BPA at any position not named QB.

Walk Worthy,
The future is so bright; I gotta triple up!
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