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Old 06-12-2019, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Oldcolt View Post
First let me say that this is not black and white. We are essentially arguing about degrees, ie. we both agree we need free agents we just seem to disagree on the amount. I don't think we are in a re-build per say but we are definitely building. By that I mean part of the team is ready to compete and part we are not certain about. I'm not saying that people should have known how good or bad we were going to be, just that most of us don't really know. McCoy was and is a close call. I would just rather see the guys we have at 3 technique get the snaps to see what they can do.

Agreed about the Rams. There is not one way to do things (I'm old enough to remember a guy named George Allen) but I believe to be successful you need a way. Get a philosophy and stick to it. And it helps if you can draft a little better than the next guy.
Yup, it's all opinion. Time will eventually reveal what the right calls were. I don't mind a philosophy as long as it's flexible, but I believe in adaptation. I believe adaptation is the key to survival because things constantly change. Drafting better of course helps, but no team can maintain that forever. The pats stay in front because they use multiple methods for talent acquisition and they have not been a great drafting team over the last five years. One thing I do like is Ballard throws numbers at roster issues. He doesn't draft just one guy high to fill a need, he drafts four then sees who emerges. Because the odds are one pick will not solve a problem like pass rush. You have to keep taking guys till you get it right, then add a vet to bolster the position and provide a little instruction.

I think the rebuild stopped once we became a playoff team. You obviously never stop trying to add talent around your franchise QB. But once that talent gap narrows with the other playoff teams it comes down to X's and O's. Part of the problem when you have a QB of Luck's calibre, they cover a lot of flaws. Manning did the same thing and that team collapsed when he got injured. I still think we are light on the dline. We will have to see if any of these low cost FA's are able to fill the back end of the DT roster.

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