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Originally Posted by 1965southpaw View Post
They were talking about Tomlin on Grady and Big Joe today.....more to your claim that he's undisciplined....they were saying that Bell showed up to the last game against the Jags just 5 min before they were due on the field to warm up. Big Joe said that most teams have players arrive 2 hours before game time. Further it's been shared that Bell and others are routinely late for practices, etc without seeming consequence. We've had too much "players coach" for my taste. Time to have some real accountability so sign me up as a big hell no for Tomlin as well. That said, Squeelers aren't firing him.
Don't see how any of this shit matters, they've still been successful every year playoffs every year did it affect Bell's play???

Favortism exists on every team I don't give a fuck
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