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Old 09-14-2020, 09:27 AM
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Default Quick thoughts on the jags debacle

1. I still love how aggressive Reich is. I like that he took the knee for the whole team. I liked that he had the offense clearly on the same page with scripted, well designed plays to start the game. It always seems that after we run 15 or so plays, we are done for awhile. We just hit a wall. I really canít stand putting Brissett out there. That shit needs to stop.

2. Rivers is Rivers. We know what we are getting. It isnít great but can be good. He had an amazing throw to Campbell on the sideline under pressure. He gets the ball out quickly and usually accurately. Then he does his dumb shit of forcing throws into double coverage. Get used to it. Still way better than having to watch Brissett. We need new next year.

3. Ty with some terrible drops to end the game. Not worried about him but fuck. Just killer.

4. Campbell looked good. The kid is going to be a big part of this offense.

5. I have no problem with an offense that likes to throw short to guys in space. Simple and smart and can really get you chunks of yards. I donít like never going deep. We need at least 4 bombs a game. Keep them safeties back so we can attack short and intermediate and keep them box light for the run game.

6. Oline was terrible in the run game. Not sure what that was.

7. This dline just isnít that good. Grover Stewart shouldnít be starting. Buckner shows promise. Autry is not a great starter at LE but a decent rotational guy. We need better.

8. Those great lbers werenít so great. Missed tackles, soft coverage and just underwhelming altogether.

9. Malik Hooker is invisible. Get Odum in for him more.

10. The jags just ate us up in the run game and in the pass game. Coverage was fucking abysmal. Still love some Kenny Moore though.

11. This defense needs to figure out a scheme they can run. Because whatever that was wonít work. There is some talent there I think. Rhodes and roc are physical dudes. Maybe jamming at the line would help? I donít know. Want to watch the all 22 on this shitty game.
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