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Old 02-21-2020, 08:44 AM
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Default Alfredo

Alfredo sauce is super easy, more of a ratio than a recipe: a cup, a stick, a cup. I use half pecorino and half parm, which makes it neither alfredo nor cacio e pepe... also neither here nor there.

1 stick unsalted butter, if you use salted butter, dont add salt until you taste it
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup shredded parm/pecorino cheese (2 ounces each if you are shredding yourself see gripe*)
1 tiny pinch of nutmeg
Pepper to taste

This recipe moves fast, 15 minutes end to end.

1. Start a big pot of water to boil (add a pinch of salt, and a bit of oil)
2. get a big skillet out and have it on the stove, shred your cheeses, measure your cup of cream, cut your stick of butter into chunks.
3. When the water is rolling boil, add the pasta. Wait until it comes back to boil, set timer for 9 mins.
4. Turn your skillet on to medium high heat, add the butter and stir until it's almost completely melted.
5. add cream, reduce heat to med / med low and stir. Dont worry if the cream and butter do not combine right away. Once the cream comes up to temp they will emulsify into one thing.
6. once everything is simmering, give it another stir and consider lowering your temp.
7. add your cheese and stir to incorporate
8. add nutmeg (it's really a tiny amount).
9. taste it, then add pepper. (and perhaps salt, there is a shitload of salt in pecorino, salted butter etc, I dont add any salt when i use pecorino)
10. let it simmer gently until pasta is done.
11. drain your pasta and dump it in your pasta bowl
12. dump sauce over pasta and stir it up

* gripe: Here's my gripe about tablespoons and cups vs grams. A cup of liquid weighs 8 ounces or 225 grams. 8 ounces of cheese, when shredded is 2 full cups. It's confusing as hell, stupid and we should have changed by now. I have three different types of salt in my house, and a tablespoon of each of them is a different amount.
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