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Old 11-15-2017, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Racehorse View Post
He may have grown on that, given the play in the first half of most games this year, or it could be that teams just pay vanilla against us in the first half knowing we will not make any adjustments at halftime.
First off- great work Sherk- always appreciative of the analysis you smack down on us!

Race- BAM!

What did we hear all last year from Clappy--- "we gotta come out faster, we gotta get going faster"- and week after week after week they came out as though the Zoloft was just wearing off. Over and over the first half was atrocious with us just sleep walking and getting clobbered. Then, 2nd half, we would spring to life (or more likely Luck probably went in the locker room and said "fuck you and this stupid shit, we're doing this this and this because I can see what the fuck they are doing you stupid fucks..."). So many games last year were actually pretty wild in the 2nd half with us charging back.

This year, it is the absolute opposite. It's like he literally sat down and said okay, we're going to really go get em' in the first half but that means we have to be static in the 2nd half- because we will have shot all our bullets in the first half...

It's fucking perplexing and it is indicative of a coach that just is not capable of getting 60 minutes of consistent solid well executed football from his squad. The coaching staff as a collective is uninspiring and grossly inept and needs to be gutted.
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