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Old 06-21-2020, 06:09 PM
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Default A Fathers Day story from a close friend

Come walk with me on a heartwarming stroll down memory lane...
For a few years, my dad had access to Colts season tickets (great seats, a few rows up at the corner of an end zone) and would alternate taking his grandkids to games. Sometimes, he would not be able to use the tickets and would give them away. He enjoyed spending time one on one with a grandkid when he could, and was generous to other when he couldnít. He had signed my kids up for Colts Kids Club - where he took them to special events at the stadium, and they received special things in the mail. It was a big deal, and something my dad was so pleased he could do.
Before his passing, Tony Dungy released his book, which dad had ordered for River and he had scheduled to take him to a game or kids club event (I canít remember which)....unfortunately, dad passed before he could give River the book, or take him to the scheduled event. Riv was devastated. I was devastated. I wanted to ease Rivers pain, so I started brainstorming and at that time, the book arrived. I donít know why or who I sent my message to, but I got on our computer and I composed a letter to Tony Dungy, explaining to him the role model he was to my son, and the impact the time spent at the Colts stadium with his grandpa meant to him. My dad passed March 9th and Rivs birthday is April 2nd. Before Rivers birthday, I had received another copy of his book, a sweet handwritten letter (not included - some things are too sacred for social media) and a signed photograph. I woke River on the morning of his birthday, and presented him with his gift from grandpa, with the added gift Tony had sent in response to my email. I wish I could beautifully articulate what transpired then, but all I can say is there were tears, and hugs, and gratitude at a magnitude neither of us had experienced before. It was beautiful. It was painful. It was life seeing Rivers face when, so many years later, he found his signed photo, it took me back to those exact feelings all over again. Days before Fatherís Day, Iím an emotional mess, fulfilled in a way only my dad could do, during a time Iím struggling with another son moving away, and an unprecedented time for our country, I can still count my dad. Life is beautiful.
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