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Old 09-29-2017, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Lov2fish View Post
...You're posing this as if I am a Trump supporter? I am not. I don't subscribe to the two party duopoly. They are one in the same. Zero distinction in difference....
To be honest I quoted you directly, but my post was not trying to assume you supported anyone in particular. I was trying to change the subject by asking some generic questions about the facts in our president's tax plan and thereby lead the thread toward a more productive discussion among thinking people.

I agree with your point that there is no longer any difference between the parties, with the exception of a color and a mascot. Democrats want to have control, Republicans want to have control and will become chameleons in order to do so. Life begins at conception but capital punishment is ok. Abortion is a right, but capital punishment is not...

At the end of the day all these fuckers want is our money. At least Trump doesn't hide it. I'm pretty sure that's the Only positive thing I have ever said about him.

I identify as a liberal and not a democrat, though to be honest I'm conservative on some issues (gun control, etc).
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