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Old 08-13-2020, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Session View Post
I donít think Mack will break 1000.

If Taylorís scouting report holds true and he is the player we believe he can be, he will supplant Mack as the primary ball carrier by the end of the season. My gut tells me this is similar to Addai/Rhodes. Rhodes was still a baller for us, and had a great playoffs, but we all knew Addai was the better HB that year.

I like Mack, I like his elusiveness, his speed, vision, and I love that for a relatively thin guy heís got a formidable stiff arm. With that said, in my perspective he is an elusive back that can sometimes run with power.

I like a runner who can press the issue with this line. I think Taylor is probably going to push Wilson out of the picture completely and will eventually be the guy we look to primarily (assuming heís not fumbling)
I think the HC wants to run them about the same amount of time. One guys needs to catch his breath we roll out another hard hitting back and bludgeon the other team with a very good O line, and throw when we want to, not when we need to.
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