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Colts Cap Update - 20 April 2017

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$167.000m = NFL 2017 Salary Cap
  $006.614m = Colts roll-over from 2016
  $000.964m = 2017 Adjusted Salary Cap **
  $174.578m = Colts 2017 Salary Cap
  ** The Roll-Over amount is fixed on the first day of the NFL season. If there are issues over "Likely To Be Earned" or "Unlikely To Be Earned" bonuses, then those sometimes will not be resolved until after that date and then are entered into the salary cap as "Adjustments."
  This year, the Colts ended up cutting Arthur Jones after the new NFL season who must have had a performance bonus clause that the league had initially labeled "Likely To Be Earned" and the Colts successfully challenged and turned into "Unlikely To Be Earned" effecting their Dead Cap space and thus the amount of 2017 Cap Space to be earned. The timing of his cut and the appearance of the "Adjustments" happened very close to each other. That is the only explanation that I can come up with; I have seen nothing in writing to otherwise explain it.
  $144.925m = Top 51 player cap hits
  $008.576m = Dead Money
  $006.322m = 2017 Draft Pool
  $001.080m = Spots #52 and #53 on active roster
  $001.200m = Practice Squad
  $003.000m = In-Season "Churn" Space
  $165.103m = 2017 Colts Cap Obligations
  [SIZE="6"]$009.475m [/SIZE]= Free Cap Space to sign new free agents
  Cap Savings Over $1.000m If Cut:
  $9.000m = Vontae Davis
  $3.750m = Kendall Langford
  $3.500m = Frank Gore
  $2.750m = Adam Vinatieri
  $2.250m = Al Woods *
  $2.100m = Akeem Ayers *
  $1.800m = Donte Moncrief
  $1.750m = Sean Spence *
  $1.750m = Scott Tolzien
  $1.500m = Margus Hunt *
  $1.500m = Barkevious Mingo *
  $1.100m = Kamar Aiken *
  * Not much guaranteed money for these guys since they all could be cut and we will still regain solid cap space. These are pretty much "prove you deserve to be here" type contracts and if they get beat out by rookies.....okay.
  Depending on how the free agents work out, the Colts could regain as much as $5m of free cap space if the veterans get beat out by lower cost talent.
  Darrelle Revis, Sam Shields, Brandon Flowers, Jason McCourty, Alterraun Verner, Tracy Porter, Brandon Boykin.
  All unsigned CBs with league starting experience and all worth kicking the tires on after the draft depending whom we end up selecting. I have little doubt that we can find someone out of that group to play for a year opposite Davis if needed and it would not take much of the $9.5m we still have in free cap space to sign them.
  Fix CB either through the draft or one of those veteran free agents and I like where this defense is going......on paper.
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