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In 2019 and beyond:

QB - Luck/Brissett. Set and no changes needed. In an era where there are not enough solid QBs to go around, we have both a solid backup and an good/extra good/elite starter, we are in good shape.

RB - Mack/Hines/Wilkins. Not highly drafted and not flashy but could end up being a pretty good committee if the O-line gels.

TE - Doyle/Ebron. A great #1/#2 punch if both can stay heathly. Good at very different things but reminds me a lot of the Kenny Dilger/Marcus Pollard years at TE. Depth needs to develop below them.

WR - Hilton. Perhaps Cain and Fountain. Ugh, T.Y. and then no one for certain. One of two weakest position groups on the roster. Yeah, I know Rogers is going to be back in 2019 as cheap depth as an RFA but he has had ample opportunity to step up and he has failed to do so time and again. Stop gap for next year but need to move on afterwards. Grant? See ya.

O-Line - Castonzo/Nelson/Kelly/???/Smith/Clark/Haeg/Good. OTs are harder to find than OGs so if Smith can fulfill ROT in 2018 and grow into the role in the future, then that needs to be the position he fills. We can draft a new starting OG in 2019 in the 3rd or 4th round to challenge Clark/Haeg/Good for the spot. The team will have to decide if they are re-signing Good in 2019 but his potential as a starter would lead me to offer him a journeymen contract even if he only ever ends up being depth for us going forward. With a 2019 draft pick, this is a good 8 man group to go into 2019 and beyond with.

D-Line - Hunt/Sheard/Steward/Autry/Turay/Lewis/Ridgeway/Ward/Muhammad. Lots of guys who, at times, have played well. Ward with 3.0 sacks on the year. Muhammad with 10 tackles in 5 games. Turay with 3.0 sacks. Hunt with his monster first couple of games. Autry with a couple of good games. Woods will be 32 and I don't expect him to be re-signed. Sure, we could use a top end stud to put greater pressure on opposing O-lines and make everyone else around them better but there are a lot of nice pieces to the D-Line right now.

LBs- Leonard/Walker/Adams/Franklin. I am very happy with the play of Leonard and Walker as starters and especially Franklin as depth. Adams has had his moments as a 7th round pick as well. A very nice young core of players to build the LBs corps around. Could use another stud but what a find in Leonard?

S - Hooker/Farley. Solid pairing going forward but we need more quality bodies. Perhaps Geathers is one of those but Ballard will have to decide if paying for his trending health is worth re-signing him.

CB - Moore/Hairston/Wilson. Not enough talent there for a core. Need to add a HUGE influx of talent if we are going to play more man coverage.

Postions Groups Upgrades Needed (in priority order):

#1 = Cornerback
#2 = Wide Receiver
#3 = Safety
#4 = Linebacker
#5 = Defensive Line
#6 = Offensive Line
#7 = Running Back
#8 = Tight End
#9 = Quarterback

If we don't touch #7/#8/#9 in 2019, add one quality body to each #4/#5/#6 and flood bodies into groups #1/#2/#3, then I think we will be on the right track.

Walk Worthy,
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