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Originally Posted by GoBigBlue88 View Post
That's why I'm hoping an offensive HC replaces Pagano. That's the only way I see Chud going.
Said that last year and I still think so. An offensive specialist is best to pair with a franchise QB IMO. I think Pagano is hampering Chud but I will not be sorry to see him go.

Not only do we not have good ILBs, we play the worst ones. I knew the TC hype for Morrison couldn't be true. He's just not athletic enough.

I don't think man coverage is Hookers game, not yet anyway. He's an opportunistic deep safety. Let him play to his strengths this year and stretch his skills in year two.

With Davis and Wilson healthy, I like the CB group. Melvin and Hairston have both been surprising and impressive.

The DB group overall has the potential to grow into a real strength for this team. Need guys to get healthy, Geathers included. But I'm not confident he'll recover.

We have some good players, we need a coaching staff to make them a good team.
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