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Originally Posted by Coltsalr View Post
For now, there seems to be a perception that Ballard might not be so opposed to bringing in guys with character issues (Tyreek Hill and Marcus Peters being guys that he supposedly was integral in bringing in).

That said, does he do so for a guy that's probably below league average at this position in Parry? Does he go through the hassle of waiting out a suspension for him, as would seem likely to assuredly happen?

I'm thinking he's probably not going to make the final roster, but he might not be cut immediately. They can keep him around and let him compete in training camp, but assuming that Ballard has completed the overhaul of this D that we all expect, this will just be one more checked box that Parry will not have when they're making final evaluations.
Holy crud! What does it take to show that a guy is getting it done in the NFL?
From my "State of the Colts" Defensive Line post:
2016 Stats for Top 3-4 Nose Tackles:

68 tackles / 8 TFL / 7.0 sacks / 2 FF / 23 years old / Drafted #006 overall 2015 / Leonard Williams, NYJ
59 tackles / 1 TFL / 1.5 sacks / 0 FF / 24 years old / Drafted #012 overall 2015 / Danny Shelton, CLE
51 tackles / 3 TFL / 1.0 sacks / 0 FF / 28 years old / Drafted #094 overall 2013 / Brandon Williams, BAL
47 tackles / 1 TFL / 3.0 sacks / 0 FF / 25 years old / Drafted #151 overall 2015 / David Parry, IND
39 tackles / 3 TFL / 3.5 sacks / 0 FF / 27 years old / Drafted #003 overall 2011 / Marcell Dareus, BUF
33 tackles / 3 TFL / 1.0 sacks / 1 FF / 30 years old / Drafted #032 overall 2009 / Ziggy Hood, WAS
29 tackles / 3 TFL / 1.0 sacks / 0 FF / 28 years old / Drafted #028 overall 2013 / Sylvester Williams, DEN
27 tackles / 3 TFL / 2.0 sacks / 0 FF / 24 years old / Drafted #089 overall 2016 / Javon Hargrave, PIT
27 tackles / 1 TFL / 1.5 sacks / 1 FF / 27 years old / Drafted #011 overall 2012 / Dontari Poe, KC
Performance on the field matters! For a 3-4 NT, a pretty darn good judge of if the guy is being effective or not is if he is getting tackles. And if you watch Colts football at all, you can see him getting penetration and splitting double teams on a fairly regular basis.

Is he the best NT in the league? Nope, not by a long shot. Will he ever be? Probably not.

He is the problem right now on a pretty bad 3-4 defense? No he is not and to say that he is easily replaceable is a pretty dumb statement.

Goodness, half of you want to dismantle whatever small success we have had on defense to spite our face. The key to getting better is staying status quo on the few guys whom are at least NFL average or better (Parry, Davis, Geathers.....ummmm, help me out here.......) and replace the folks that are not with better folks.

Not get rid of one of the few guys who was doing his job last season.

Get rid of him because he is a dumb shit, sure. If management does that I will not bat an eye.

But, for goodness sake, give him credit for being one of the most productive 3-4 NTs last year because he was. Don't downgrade his performance on the field just because you were not paying attention or have decided that because he was a low round draft choice that he cannot be any good. Robert Mathis, Jeff Saturday and Antonine Bethea would all be laughing at you.

Sorry. Bad day at work. I needed to vent.

The future is so bright; I gotta triple up!
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