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Originally Posted by Dam8610 View Post
Anyone looking to follow the New England model will need to forget about their ethics and embrace cheating. That's their entire model.
I assume this is directed at me. I hate NE as any NFL fan should. Especially a Colts fan. And I definitely believe their legacy is tainted. However, I donít agree that all of their success is driven by cheating. They excel at two things that I believe are worthy of some degree of emulation - flexibility and focus. Flexibility in both scheme and roster building and focus on winning it all each season. Those two things let them strike the best balance in the league between planning for the future and winning it all now, IMO. They donít mortgage the future to win now, but they also donít let planning for their 3rd title stop them from winning one this year. We can agree to disagree on whether or not that is a ďmodelĒ worth following.
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