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Originally Posted by rm1369 View Post
1. I donít think McCoy himself puts the Colts over the top, but the same thing is said for almost every single player available to the Colts. Looking at it in isolation itís easy to justify. But whatís the point of signing Houston then? He didnít put the team over the top. He addresses a need and makes the team better. Iíd argue McCoy would have done the same. Couple those two with doing a little more in free agency overall (not breaking the bank) and yes I believe the Colts could have been a potential SB team. With some luck maybe they are anyway, in which case McCoy would be an even bigger missed opportunity.

2. Iíd agree he wouldnít significantly change their record, but Iíd rather have McCoy on the roster when it comes playoff time. That to me is when heíd likely pay dividends.

3. The cap floor is irrelevant to me. Ballard will handle it.

4. Everyone assumes a vet will delay player development. I donít necessarily believe that - especially on the DL where guys rotate more. There McCoy replaces the worst option. He may take a starting role over someone, but theyíd still get snaps. Plus I see value in competition and learning tips and tricks from guys that have seen it and done it. I know many on here donít seem to agree though.

5. My only other thought is that it likely comes down to where you believe the team is. When will a realistic title window open? Iíve taken a lot of flak from Chaka and a few others for saying Ballardís method will be a 3-4 year rebuild and that it could have been done quicker. If you think the window is open now then I canít understand how you would justify passing on McCoy. If you donít think they are quite there yet fine, passing on McCoy is understandable. But donít tell me itís not a 3-4 yr rebuild and say the window isnít open yet.
All fair points. I am not sure when our window opens and what adding one more player would do to the window. I think we are close, but not close enough to beat the top three or four teams in the league in January. The fan in me wants to think this is a SB contender, but until I see them lace them up on Sundays, I really have no idea. I mean, I keep thinking Brady is going to drop off a cliff, but somehow they keep doing what they do. Now I think a lot of it is the offensive game plan that people don't seem to be able to stop (i.e. edeldick on third and long every drive in the fourth quarter), but he will eventually not be able to sustain even that simple formula for much longer (surely???). Well, that and the cheating. I still think they are doing things with communication headsets that are skirting the rules, but no proof is there.

Then you have NO, LA Rams and KC. I think we close the gap on KC simply because they lost a lot of talent on offense and their defense is nothing to write home about. I also think Brees will retire soon and NO will be garbage. I hope I am wrong and that our window is this year, even without McCoy.
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