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Originally Posted by Gimmick View Post
Second game now...remember a few years ago there were some of us who said do whatever it takes to get Alex Mack? He wanted out of Cleveland. He could come here and team up with Andrew Luck? Start building a dominant offensive line around your franchise quarterback?

Yeah, those were good times...

Instead, Grigson gave us Phil Costas and Samson Sateles and a lot of you dumbasses said that was ok, you can't overpay for the stars in FA. Just gotta make do and keep drafting WRs and RBs with all your high picks.

How did that turn out?

Alex Mack beasting in this playoff game now and Andrew Luck still in a hospital somewhere....
I don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Not many on this board said to keep drafting WR's and RB's. Almost everyone on this board was saying to build up the trenches and get pass rushers. Maybe you have us mixed up with or Stampede Blue because there are quite a few dumbasses on those boards.
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