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Default 2019 Soda Bowl!!!!!

Congrats to Spike and daedge on making it to the Soda Bowl, which I believe is the third straight year. In the Soda Bowl, you pick the 2 conference championship games, then after this week, the Super Bowl. Same tiebreaker rules apply, and still SEND THE PICKS TO ME. Thank you and Good Luck!!!

Sunday, January 19th
Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

5. Spike
49ers 30-20
Chiefs 31-21


6. Daedge
Tennessee Titans 17
Kansas City Chiefs 30

Green Bay Packers 23
San Francisco 49ers 27

With both of you getting both games right, it's all still up for grabs in the Super Bowl, remember to send your picks to me before February 2nd, and good luck.
SUNDAY, February 2nd
San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs

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