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Default Polian imterview

Dakitch had Bill Polian on today and there were a couple of snippets from that that I thought I'd pass along.......

1. Re the Manning era he has 2 regrets that he said were both on him completely. 1. Not having a quality backup QB on the roster and 2. Failing to land a quality 3 technique DT on the roster to supplement the excellence of Sanders and Freeny/Mathis to make the Colts defense more effective. He said he and Dungy flew in together this weekend and rather than reminisce about their triumphs they both couldn't stop talking about the "what ifs". Seems there was a specific free agent that he wouldn't name that would have fit that 3 technique spot that they both regret they couldn't land

2. Re the current Colts, he couldn't have been more positive about his views on Ballard.....his reputation in the league, ESP re talent assessment and the moves he has made so far. He was silent on Pagano.....neither positive or negative and Dan didn't press him on this point. On the oline he did say that Kelly is the closest thing the colts have to Jeff Saturday since Jeff left but other than that he characterized them as a work in progress. His other comments on talent were completely aligned with what this board have been saying....nothing of note
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