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Originally Posted by Puck View Post

I'll go first.

Is it wrong to hope that Khalil Mack ends Tom Brady's career tonight?


That might be the easy way out for Brady.

Bill Belichick already has an 11-5 season under his belt with Matt Cassel as the team's quarterback when Brady missed an entire season due to injury in 2008. Those 2008 Patriots were essentially a playoff team that didn't qualify because the AFC was stacked thats season ...... the Colts claimed one of the AFC's Wildcard berths with a record of 12-4, and the Ravens won a tiebreakers against the Patriots for the 2nd AFC Wildcard berth at 11-5. If Belichick can do something similar with this year's team with Cam Newton as their quarterback AND if they can have a better season than Brady and the Buccaneers, it will further illustrate that Brady was a system's quarterback, and that Belichick (and not Brady) was the essential component of the Patriots dynasty.

If Brady goes down with an an injury early in the season, his supporters can claim that he would have led the Buccaneers deep into the playoffs if he were not injured.


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