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Originally Posted by Puck View Post
So basically what you are saying is that you are young. And didnít see both generations. I can tell you without any hesitation Sandler does not belong in the same sentence as the likes of Rodney and Prior. Hell Chevy Chase has had a better movie career than Sandler. Eddie Murphy has too. Sandlers not as good as you think he is. Heís ok. But most of his stuff is stupid

Again. I am assuming you are in your 20-30s. Am I correct?
No, you are not correct about my age. Happy Gilmore came out 23 years ago - it's not a recent movie anymore. I remember when Caddyshack was released. Look, I've seen Rodney, Pryor and Murphy plenty, but I'm just not a big stand up comedy fan, that's all. Most stand-ups don't make good movies. Eddie Murphy is obviously an exception to that (sort of, if you want to consider him a stand-up comedian, even though he rose to fame on SNL).

As far as Sandler is concerned, don't mistake my love for Happy Gilmore as some sort of Sandler fan worship. It's just a funny movie, and for me better than Caddyshack. I didn't say I liked any of his other movies.
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