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Originally Posted by Thorgrim View Post
I remember this well. Jones career ended after his neck injury against the Chiefs. The NFL quarterback challenge in 90' was a thing to behold. Bert finished first in the field of "old timers" and qualified to compete in the regular challenge against the current NFL quarterbacks. He finished third. THIRD! Beathard rightly concluded if Jones could compete on that level 8 years removed from his playing days he would likely fare even better when he got into "Game shape." Jones wisely declined the high risk offer.
Jones has more than once in interviews voiced his frustration that fans conclude his stint as an effective qb ended with his 78' injury. He pointed out that some of his best games came in 80' when he was fully healed and had gotten accustomed to his slightly altered throwing motion. His coaches and receivers stated that his velocity had actually improved due to his rehab weight training. His accuracy was as good as ever. If not saddled with a historically bad defense in 81' where opposing teams got up early and pinned their ears back it's likely he would have thrown fewer picks. His stat lines were deceptively misleading due to having his back to the wall week in and week out. Inept ownership, coaching, and management effectively ruined his career.[/QUOT
"INEPT OWNERSHIP, COACHING, AND MANAGEMENT EFFECTIVELY RUINED HIS CAREER"...............................can you say Deja vu !!!
The QBs didn't have the rules that protect more QBs these days. There was a rash of injuries starting to happen to good QBs and those hurt the TV ratings.

Few organization have never been blessed as the Colts with stud QBs. I look at the Bears and they haven't one yet that those who are alive can remember. I do worry Luck's career will be wasted by not having a supporting cast around him.
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