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Originally Posted by Butter View Post
Member when Daddy Irsay was still alive in the early 80's and guys like Pagel were the QB? That was worse, we have the eventual return of Luck to look forward too.
John Elway and Cornelius Bennet refused to be a Colt. Bert Jones demanded to be traded.

When Bert was hurt they couldn't win either.

I still think the modern downward spiral was Irsay giving in to nepotism. It all started with giving Chris Polian some control. Kravitz had an article about this a long time ago. I'd bet the better scouts left the organization and the picks started to reflect that.

It's hard to replace a guy like Bill Polian. People get old and walk away or not possible to be productive. We had 2 decades of great football. It ends and may take longer to build it back up. Knock Jim Irsay all you want but I bet it bothers him as much as anybody else. He can't find another Polian, he got another Manning, no E. James, no Freeney or Mathis, Saturday, Glenn. GMs don't seem to last very long. It is a different NFL and seems to lack a lot of quality in everything. Even Brady and BB wont last forever. How do you replace Billichick?
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