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Originally Posted by rm1369 View Post
If Anderson is lining up outside who does that leave inside? Woods doesn’t seem to fit after what was said about the Hankins release. When the switch to a 4-3 was announced I assumed Anderson and Hankins would be inside w/ Woods and Hunt in the rotation. I felt pretty good about that. Now I have no idea what that position group looks like.
I think Ridgeway is going to factor larger than many believe. I think he is much better built as a 4-3 1-gap guy than the 2-gap guy we drafted him as.

If I had to rub the crystal ball while projecting Anderson outside on early downs:

RDE = Sheard, Basham
NT = Woods, Stewart
UT = Ridgeway, Hunt
LDE = Anderson, Aubry

Then perhaps Sheard / Anderson / Ridgeway / Basham on pure passing downs. Those 4 probably have the most "pep" in their get-up on the roster at the moment.

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