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Default Henry Anderson down 20 pounds

From a Stampede Blue article quoting Henry:
ďHaving three months where I can really just focus on trying to get stronger, faster, get my body fat down and all that kind of stuff definitely feels good. About 15-20 pounds lighter than I was. We switched the scheme up a little bit so I have to be a little bit quicker and faster. I definitely just feel like Iím moving a lot better because obviously not carrying as much weight so you can kind of move around and be a little more agile.Ē

ďYeah, and it was kind of hard for me to keep the weight on. I could do it, but I feel like Iím a little bit more comfortable at this weight anyway. It wasnít hard for me to drop that weight. Obviously, moving to the 4-3 I knew that I couldnít be like an edge guy at 295 [pounds]. I kind of needed to drop some weight there.Ē

ďI would think probably more of an outside guy in at least early downs and possibly kick inside on third down on more of like a pass rush situation. So weíll see.

At the snap of the ball youíre just freaking going. Itís not as much sitting back and waiting. Youíre just going and trying to disrupt. Itís exciting to hear the coaches talk about it. I wish I knew how itís going to be playing the defense, but I really havenít played it before so Iím not going to find out until once we get on to the field.Ē
The article author noted that losing 20 pounds would put Anderson at 285 which is the same weight that Aaron Donald plays at.

I had not really considered Anderson on the outside at DE in anything except anti-"jumbo" running packages. Be interesting to see where the coaches like him....and if he can stay healthy.

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