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3 really stupid mistakes that the Chiefs made late in the 4th quarter ........

1) l Getting burned on the fake punt. The Chiefs were up by 18 points with less than 7 minutes to play in the 4th quarter, and they were stupid enough to have one of their 11 players 60 yards downfield, waiting for the punt ........ that was flat-out retarded.

2) l The Chiefs' running back going out of bounds on 1st down after the Titans cut the lead to 35-24 ........ with an 11-point lead and less than 4 minutes to play in the 4th quarter, you DO NOT go out of bounds and/or throw an incomplete pass ........ that was essentially a gifted time-out to the Titans, and they were only bailed out by the interference call that occurred on 3rd down, 2 plays later.

3) l Later on that same drive, Patrick Mahomes pulled an Eli Manning by throwing the ball away for an incomplete pass on 3rd down, which again essentially gifted the Titans a time-out ........ the Chiefs were going to punt the ball anyway, so you ABSOLUTELY take the sack there to keep the clock running and/or make the Titans use their final time out.

Boneheaded plays like that usually don't cost a team when they have an 18-point lead with less than 7 minutes to play in the 4th quarter ........ but if the Super Bowl is a closer contest than today's AFC Championship game was, it could wind up being very costly to them if the Andy Reid doesn't seriously get in their faces about those glaring mistakes that were made today.


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