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The 2017 season "Minneapolis Miracle" game between the Vikings and the Saints will now take its place alongside the 1972 Pittsburgh Steelers-Oakland Raiders "Immaculate Reception" game, and the 1974 Oakland Raiders-Miami Dolphins "Sea of Hands" game ........ all 3 teams lost in the following week's Conference Championship playoff game (the Steelers lost to the Dolphins in 1972, the Raiders lost to the Steelers in 1974, and the Vikings lost to the Eagles in 2017.)

However ........ the Steelers came back 2 years later to win the Super Bowl in 1974.

And the Raiders also came back 2 years later to win the Super Bowl in 1976.

Will the Vikings come back 2 years later and win the 2019 season Super Bowl ???


Bert Jones, Johnny Unitas, Earl Morrall ))))))))).lll) Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck

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