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Originally Posted by Hoopsdoc View Post
The attacks on the media started with Obama. He tried to revoke Foxís press credentials and would have succeeded had the rest of the media not thrown a fit about it.
When did he do that? I Googled but couldn't find it. I did find reminders of the many attacks on the press by Trump though.

And Fox News is partisan right wing propagandist garbage. Outside of maybe Shep Smith they SHOULD have any sort of credentials revoked.

Thatís far FAR worse than anything Trump has done. All he does is talk and tweet like a blowhard.
It's far worse than blowing up the Iran deal for less than no reason? It's worse than using the presidency to make money illegally? It's worse than threatening NK with nuclear war? It's worse than nominating a torturer to head the CIA? It's worse than installing dipshits like Devos, Zinke, Mnuchin, Pruitt, etc to run their agencies into the ground? Worse than obstructing justice? Worse than laundering dirty money for the Russians? Are you paying attention? No you're clearly not. Pull your head out of your ass and look.

I hated when people said Obama was destroying America and I hate it when people comp Trump to Hitler. Itís hyerpartisan, identity politics bullshit.
Well despite your big feelings on this subject, the comparison is valid on a number of fronts. Some of which have been pointed out to you. But your feelings - based argument so far has been a long - winded "nuh uh", which hopefully convinces no one.

This is the greatest country in the world, by a large margin.
This might've been true at one time before the Boomer generation ruined it.

And all of us, left right and center, are far closer in beliefs than those in power would have us believe.
No thanks. I don't want anything to do with the current right. You people have lost your fucking minds.
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