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Originally Posted by Hoopsdoc View Post
No. Trump isnít the monster heís made out to be. He was never a racist til he became president. Hell, he got awards from Jesse Jackson and the NAACP. Heís a loudmouth moron, for sure.
No, Trumps history of racism was not under scrutiny until he ran for for president. That doesnít at all mean it didnít exist. From the Trump companies being sued for racist housing policies to his embrace of birtherism there were plenty of examples of Trumps racist tendencies. Come on, do you think itís a coincidence he has been the party of the racist element in this country since his campaign started? And even if you donít believe Trump himself is a racist I donít in anyway see how you can argue he hasnít tactically aligned himself with racists and knowingly courted racist elements to his base. At best Trump is a tactical racist who fans the flames racism to further his causes.

My guess is you didnít address the issue of being above rounding up his political enemies because the ironic ďlock her up chantsĒ from his political rallies leave little doubt to that capability.

Originally Posted by Hoopsdoc View Post
Yes, of course. How exactly would he enact oppressive policies? Executive order? Who would follow those orders? No one. In this era of social media and instant communication, heíd never get away with it.
I mostly agree here, although I donít believe itís nearly as guaranteed as you seem to think. Look no further than the rash of retirements from the GOP and the types of candidates they are running in many areas. Look at how far some candidates are willing to go to win their base. Here in Indiana the GOP primary boiled down to who loved and supported Trump more. And thatís supposed to give me comfort? Way to many Republicans stand idly by while Trump is actively trying to destroy the legitimate media, the Justice Department, and many of our intelligence services. Trumps message to his followers is you can only trust me the rest of the government is crooked. That doesnít seem dangerous or dictator like to you? Who is going to save us - guys like Nunes? The media like Fox News?

Originally Posted by Hoopsdoc View Post
Of course they wouldnít. Trump actually lost the popular vote. How the heck are the citizens of this country, most of whom didnít even vote for him, gonna sit around and let him get away with crap like that? Heck, a lot of republicans have turned on him already.
His approval rating has been going up. The main republicans opposing him are either retiring or dying. Many of the new GOP candidates are more extreme and aligning themselves directly with him and his views. Your attitude is very common among Republicans I know - Trump is a laughable idiot. An embarrassment maybe, but not in anyway dangerous. They donít like him, but heís draining the swamp and exposing all the corruption in DC. Thatís what Hannity and Fox News tells them.

Originally Posted by Hoopsdoc View Post
Germany in the 1930ís was a shell of its former state. The loss of WW1 and the Versailles treaty left that country in absolute ruins. In that environment, Hitlers nationalism was elixir for the people. They were casting about for a scapegoat for their predicament and Hitler offered the perfect sales pitch for a desperate people.

That is about as far away from the current situation in this country as is possible.

So no, I refuse to entertain the thought that Trump is anything like Hitler in any way, other than theyíre both heads of state.
As you point out things werenít as bad as in post WWI Germany. Not even close. But economic dissatisfaction was a large factor for Trump. And the MAGA slogan itself is designed to play on nationalism and a desire for the ďgood old daysĒ. Pretty similar themes to Hitler restoring Germany to its former glory, no? Trump has consistently proven that perception is more important than reality. Just because the social and economic situation isnít as dire doesnít mean many of the same factors and techniques arenít in play.

I personally try to refrain from bringing Hitler into a discussion of Trump simply because it side tracks the conversation. My initial post on the subject was mainly meant to say that most donít reference Hitler as a direct comparison but simply as an (admittedly extreme) example of the dangers of the types of actions employed by Trump and other men of his ilk. I just hope that too many donít blow off his racist words and actions as media creations as you seem to. Same with his attacks on the press, justice department, and intelligence agencies. The idea that ďgoodĒ people could believe itís all just scare tactics by the liberal media is terrifying to me. Theyíve already ratinoalized his pussy grabbing and racist remarks.
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