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Originally Posted by Hoopsdoc View Post
What a crock of shit, respectfully speaking. When Trump passes laws restricting the rights of and even imprisoning law abiding citizens for no other reason than their ethnicity, come find me.

When he sends out packs of goons to intimidate, harass, and even murder people like Hitler did, come find me.

When he uses the government to seize the property of groups he doesnít like, Iíll be there protesting with you.

There is NO COMPARISON to what went on in 1930ís Germany to what is happening in this country now. Itís reckless fear mongering and hyperpartisanship to say otherwise.
Is your position that Trump is morally incapable of doing such things as rounding up minorities or his enemies?

Is your position that our system of government would prevent such things from occurring?

Or is it that the current population of the US would be incapable of sitting by while such atrocities occur?

Iíd like to understand. It is obvious Trump has not yet risen to the level of ďHitlerĒ. Not sure how thatís even arguable. However your assertion that their is NO COMPARISON between events in 1930s Germany and the events in the current US appear to me to be naive.
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