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Originally Posted by rm1369 View Post
Is your position that Trump is morally incapable of doing such things as rounding up minorities or his enemies?
No. Trump isn’t the monster he’s made out to be. He was never a racist til he became president. Hell, he got awards from Jesse Jackson and the NAACP. He’s a loudmouth moron, for sure.

Originally Posted by rm1369 View Post
Is your position that our system of government would prevent such things from occurring?
Yes, of course. How exactly would he enact oppressive policies? Executive order? Who would follow those orders? No one. In this era of social media and instant communication, he’d never get away with it.

Originally Posted by rm1369 View Post
Or is it that the current population of the US would be incapable of sitting by while such atrocities occur?
Of course they wouldn’t. Trump actually lost the popular vote. How the heck are the citizens of this country, most of whom didn’t even vote for him, gonna sit around and let him get away with crap like that? Heck, a lot of republicans have turned on him already.

Originally Posted by rm1369 View Post
I’d like to understand. It is obvious Trump has not yet risen to the level of “Hitler”. Not sure how that’s even arguable. However your assertion that their is NO COMPARISON between events in 1930s Germany and the events in the current US appear to me to be naive.
Germany in the 1930’s was a shell of its former state. The loss of WW1 and the Versailles treaty left that country in absolute ruins. In that environment, Hitlers nationalism was elixir for the people. They were casting about for a scapegoat for their predicament and Hitler offered the perfect sales pitch for a desperate people.

That is about as far away from the current situation in this country as is possible.

So no, I refuse to entertain the thought that Trump is anything like Hitler in any way, other than they’re both heads of state.
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