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smitty46953 01-17-2019 12:41 PM

Off Season
Hate the off season on here. Has been over 14 hours since anyone posted? What are your wishes for the Colts to accomplish ? :cool:

VeveJones007 01-17-2019 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by smitty46953 (Post 107132)
Hate the off season on here. Has been over 14 hours since anyone posted? What are your wishes for the Colts to accomplish ? :cool:

I want to add quality pieces at each of these positions:


I also want better depth in these position groups:


Colts And Orioles 01-17-2019 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by smitty46953 (Post 107132)

I hate the off season on here. It has been over 14 hours since anyone posted ??? What are your wishes for the Colts to accomplish ??? :cool:


First and foremost ........ keep the dominant offensive line intact, and even try to improve it (if that's even possible.)

So many other things tend to fall into place when you have a dominant offensive line, ESPECIALLY when you have an All-World quarterback taking snaps behind that dominant line ........ imagine Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck (and Bert Jones and Johnny Unitas for some of you very long-time Colts fans) being protected by an offensive line that the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders had from the late 60's through the early 80's.


Pez 01-17-2019 01:18 PM

A draft / off season that will do for the DL in 2019 what was done for the OL in 2018.

Deoin Cain getting healthy and living up to his 2018 TC promise

Eric Ebron improving his hands

Doyle and Slauson getting healthy.

Andrew Luck continuing to improve.

Inman stepping into a true possession receiver role and a couple younger guys stepping up

Ryan Kelly starting and finishing the entire season.

Marlon Mack continuing to improve

Frank Reich getting even better at game planning with the tools he has.

sherck 01-17-2019 02:40 PM

The Colts Off-Season Quick List from Sherck:

1. Exclusive Rights Free Agents Tag:

- WR Marcus Johnson. Showed a bit of ability early in the season before his week six season ending injury with 6 receptions in 5 games played. Happy to bring him back as TC fodder and potential WR4/WR5 depth if he makes the team.

- LS Luke Rhodes. Sure, he has done fine. Whatever.

2. Restricted Free Agent Tag:

- Evan Boehm (26). Tag him with an "original round" tag for around $2.1m for 2019. He was originally a 4th round draft pick in 2016 for Arizona. Valuable part of the depth of the 2018 Colts O-Line interior with position flexibility for OC or OG.

- SS Matthias Farley (27). In his five games prior to IR, he racked up 17 tackles (10 solo), 4 PD, 1 INT, 1 FF and 2 special team tackles. I think he showed ample ability to potentially be that Big Safety-3 when needed or quality depth behind oft-injured Geathers. He was undrafted in 2016 and I would probably be willing to sign him to the 2nd round RFA tender to ensure he is with us next season for around $3.2m for the season. I think he could be important for the secondary going forward.

- CB Chris Milton (27), SS Corey Moore (26), WR Chester Rogers (25), TE Ross Travis (26). All were undrafted and would require the 2nd round tag in order to retain them for the 2019 season (for sure) and I am unsure that any of them are worth it. Signing them to the "original round" tag only ensures that we have the right to match any contract offer someone else might give them. I don't think any of them are more than JAG (Just Another Guy) so I would let them hit free agency and see what happens and sign them back later if they are available and we need to fill the 90 man roster.

3. Unrestricted Free Agents:

First of all, I don't think there is anyone that we use the Franchise Tag or Transition Tag on. No need for either of those.

- OG Mark Glowinski (27). My top free agent re-signing priority as he has really found a home in Indy. Rated the #10 OG by PFF, Glowinski obviously performed fantastically in our offense and I believe he has earned a veteran contract in return for both his performance and his potential to get better with a full off-season with us. Top OGs in the league are making in excess of $10m a year and while I don't think he is there, he should get paid well as I think he is a valuable building block going forward. OGs cap hits between #10 highest and #20 highest are between $7.750m and $5.450m so I think a 3-year, $18m contract at $6m a year seems about right for him. It puts him in the top half of the top paid 32 OGs in the league, is a massive upgrade in the amount of money than he has ever received previously, a nice reward for 1 year of service but also a reminder that it is only 1 year of service at top levels. He will still be able to sign another veteran contract at age 30 if he is still performing at high levels.

- SS Clayton Geathers (27). I like his performance when on the field; however, he is suffering from the Bob Sanders effect; he is not on the field as much as you would like. In the last 3 seasons, he has played in 9, 5 and 12 games for a total of 26 of 48 possible games. When on the field.... Ballard in his end of year presser sounded like he loves Clayton so I suspect that he will be back in 2019 on a veteran contract but it it might have lower guaranteed money with more performance based money for being on the field. Like OGs, top Safeties make over $10m a year but most are not making that much. A 3-year, $18m contract looks about right up his alley as well making him the 16th highest paid safety in the league for 2018 (don't know what safety contracts will do in 2019). I like him.....when on the field.

- CB Pierre Desir (28). Not a top ten CB in the league but capable of throwing up "top ten" performance at times. Held in check some of the best WRs in the league down the stretch while then disappearing at times in other games. You have to keep him as he appears to be a very valuable CB in our scheme and we have thin depth already but the big question is "how much do you pay him?" The journey man jumped up to starter is ripe for disappointment once paid. I am going out on a limb to say a bit less than above, 3-year, $15m contract which would have put his cap hit at #36 for CBs in 2018. I don't want him to walk but we need better starting CBs than him in the long run.

- WR Dontrelle Inman (30). 2nd best WR on the roster for 2018 coming up big down the stretch as the only solid complement to T.Y. we had. Would love to see him get a 1-year priority contract at around $3m in order to lock him in as the WR3 to start 2019 (or WR2 if we fail completely to find better). My hope would be that younger studs (Cain, Fountain, Pascal, 2019 rookies) would step up and take the WR2/3/4 spots by mid-season pushing Inman down to depth but if that does not happen, he is a great safety blanket.

- PK Adam Vinatieri (47). Yeah, $3.750m, bring him back.

- DL Margus Hunt (32), FS Mike Mitchell (32), OG Matt Slausson (33), OT J'Marcus Webb (32), NT Al Woods (32). I.E. "The Old Guard." Loved the play of all these older guys at times during the season but, honestly, I hope we can fill the roster with younger guys of similar or better talent to take their places. If a few of them get 1-year contracts for "one more year" then I would not be concerned but none should get multiple-year contracts. We have to invest the money in younger, longer term solutions.

- LB Najee Goode (30), WR Ryan Grant (28), DE Geno Grissom (28), TE Ryan Hewitt (28), S J.J. Wilcox (30). Just, no. Hope some other team finds use for you but not the Colts.

4. Signing Other Team's Free Agents:

Dream List of quality, starter level free agents to sign?

1x DE [Demarcus Lawrence (DAL), Jadeveon Clowney (HOU), Dee Ford (KC), Frank Clark (SEA), Preston Smith (WAS), Shaquil Barnett (DEN)]

1x DT [Grady Jarrett (ATL), Danny Shelton (NE), Christian Covington (HOU), Brent Urban (BAL), Sheldon Richardson (MIN)]

1x CB [Bryce Callahan (CHI), Tyrann Mathieu (HOU), Marcus Williams (CHI), Steven Nelson (WAS)]

1x WR [Adam Humphries (TB), Cole Beasley (DAL), Josh Gordon (NE), Tavon Austin (DAL), Cordarrelle Patterson (NE)]

1x Safety [Adrian Amos (CHI), Clinton Ha Ha Dix (WAS), Lamarcus Joyner (LAR)]

5. The Draft:

Top 3 rounds, find at least:

1x D-Line
1x Secondary
1x Wide Receiver

The middle and late draft:

1x O-Line depth
1x Wide Receiver depth
1x Running Back depth

A heavy mix of retaining our own (Boehm, Farley, Desir, Geathers, Glowinski, Vinny), along with quality free agency (DE, DT, CB, WR, Safety) and drafting will add a TON of talent to our roster for 2019.

Ballard! DO SOMETHING! :)

Walk Worthy,

FatDT 01-17-2019 02:46 PM

Improved pass rush has to be job #1. DE or DT. FA or draft. Or both.

WR2 is up there. I don't think we're a bad as the KC game showed. With healthy Hilton and Doyle and Cain, we only need a WR2 to be an elite offense with Luck and the OL.

RB1 would be nice. I like Mack, but he is not perfect. He's not a receiver. And he gets single-tackled too often. He also gets dinged and misses time. I think he is a platoon guy. I don't know that Wilkins is a good-enough complement. Hines has his own role and is more of a flex.

A high-ceiling center to backup the 3 interior OL positions. Kelly will probably miss time, and we need better than Boehm when it happens.

I don't know what the answer is for the secondary. Geathers isn't bad but I think he can be upgraded. Hooker is similar, but he was a 1st rounder and is coming off an ACL injury so he will get more time.

Moore, Desir, and Wilson have all played well. I think in part the scheme needs a bit of adjustment to allow some more plays on the ball in the air. Better pass rush will also help them. Another quality CB and/or playmaker at safety would be welcome.

rcubed 01-17-2019 02:59 PM

Keep Oline rolling
Upgrade DL/pass rush
WR2 coupled with a heathly cain and resign inman
Secondary help
Reich/Sirianni/Eberflus take a step forward with what they have learned in their first year.

Chromeburn 01-17-2019 03:01 PM

Speed, speed, more speed. After that, get some speedy players.


Draft for most of that. Find some defensive pieces for the dline and S.

VeveJones007 01-17-2019 04:55 PM

For the love of god, do not go into this offseason counting on Deon Cain to be anything more than WR5 next year. I'm getting irrationally upset at every mention of Cain in this thread.

smitty46953 01-17-2019 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by VeveJones007 (Post 107185)
For the love of god, do not go into this offseason counting on Deon Cain to be anything more than WR5 next year. I'm getting irrationally upset at every mention of Cain in this thread.

Deon Cain would like to buy you a drink :cool:

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